As the father, I was not sure I really understood what a doula did. I have a clear vision of it now...
It helped me to be at ease knowing someone would be there as a back-up... Nicki helped with the birth plan... She was my rock when I was scared and unsure of what was going on during the nervous times... Nicki’s experience made every scary moment “calm.”
— Mike Kleinstub, Past Client

A dad's role in the birth experience varies from family to family. A doula recognizes that the father is having a birth experience alongside the mother and works collaboratively to support this experience.

Doulas work with dads by:

  • Providing information, awareness and support as the birth experience progresses

  • Helping to ask the right questions, at the right time, to advocate for the mother and child when needed

  • Offering the opportunity for a break without having continuous support for the mother interrupted

The father knows the mother, while the doula knows birth. Working together, doulas and dads provide a solid and powerful support team.