My Story

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Becoming a mother changed my life in ways I never imagined and my passion for being a doula was literally “born” from my own experiences of childbirth.

From C-section to medicated VBAC (Vaginal Birth after Caesarean) to un-medicated VBAC to homebirth VBAC, each my own unique birth experience taught me so much about myself, about what women are capable of, and how critically important education and support are to a positive and rewarding birth experience.

The birth of my first child, my son, was a healthy C-section delivery and while I did experience some complications, even more than any complication, I came away from the experience feeling like I missed out on something. Like there was something else I should have done. It’s hard to describe what that feeling was like but what I came to understand was that I wanted a different kind of birth experience and I needed to be more prepared and educated. The first time around, I was unprepared and did not know what to expect – that is a mistake I would not make again.

With my second pregnancy, I aspired to make more educated, informed decisions and determined that I wanted to attempt a VBAC. I sought out and found a doctor who supported my goal and even encouraged it. With my doctor’s support, I was able to deliver my baby girl vaginally with an epidural. Just as I had envisioned, this experience was far more rewarding and satisfying. I’m not sure if what I had missed out on was fulfilled, but I do know that after this experience I became as passionate as ever, learning more about childbirth and sharing my experience and knowledge with those who were interested.

With the birth of my third child, also a baby girl, I sought to deliver completely naturally and drug-free. I made this decision and found Hypno-birthing classes, taught by a doula, that were specifically designed to prepare a woman for this experience. Because of the knowledge I gained in that class, from the doula who taught it, and through my own research, I felt empowered and in control of my birth experience. I had the most amazing, peaceful birth experience.

It is hard to put into words how amazing and powerful the experience was, but it was this experience that confirmed for me and set me on the path to being a doula. Shortly after my daughter’s birth I completed my training as a doula and have been practicing ever since.

Since becoming a doula I have been honored to attend several homebirths. Thus, with our fourth child, my husband and I decided to have a homebirth. With my experience as a doula, I was able to find a midwife that I trusted and knew would help me to have the birth I envisioned. I trusted in my body, my baby, and my birth experience. My daughter was born safely at home into the arms of my husband in a calm environment surrounded by my loved ones. She was also special because she was born in her caul – another thing I believe only happened because we were at home and in the care of a midwife.It was nothing short of incredible.

These four very different birthing experiences and the over 200 births I have attended since becoming a doula in 2012, have led to where I am today – I am passionate and driven to help women and their families have their own incredible, amazing birth experience.

My goal is very simple: To educate. To empower. To be helpful. With kindness and care. And without judgment. My goal is to support your birth – your way.

Thank you for taking the time to read about my experience, I'd love to hear about yours.